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Kimberly Berg

Kim grew up amongst the rolling, pastoral hills of Wisconsin. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a major in history, he moved to New York City with the intention of becoming a writer.

That idea did not lead to the publishing success he had been expecting. Gradually, he became disenchanted with the publishing world and became more and more attracted to the craft of the visual artist. As an artist he wanted to preserve the freedom to create whatever inspired him. Eventually, that led Kimberly to concentrate on drawing the human figure.

"I had to acknowledge as a man that it is indefensible to think of or treat women as inferior in any way. My paintings are an attempt to reconnect women to what has been lost, to her prehistoric, matriarchal roots: her ancient relationship to nature, her goddess-based spirituality and to the once honored, sacred mystery of her body." - Kimberly Berg

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